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“Be what you are and be that well.”

St Francis De Sales, patron saint of journalists

“During our many years in Catholic media we’ve seen our Church overcome numerous challenges, and go through many changes. Good, accurate and trustworthy communications and media have been fundamental to the Catholic message, and that’s why we created The Catholic Directory & Almanac – to provide a trusted and engaging conduit between the UK Church, laity and the wider world.”      

JOSEPH AND CATHERINE KELLY                                       


We are UK’s leading provider of Catholic eNews, conversation and publishing support to the UK Catholic community.

Run by a dedicated team of independent Catholic journalists and creatives, our work has included the editing, production and distribution of national weekly Catholic newspapers, magazines, brochures, directories and major events materials.

We are very proud to be the editor, publisher and distributor of the annual Official Catholic Directory of England & Wales, on behalf of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales.

We are also specialists in designing and editing religious and academic books, and currently work with a number of UK Catholic religious orders and organisations producing their publications and publicity materials.

We can offer you the full ‘guidance-to-delivery’ service – including advice, creatives, printing, full UK parish and school distribution – and marketing, and our expertise ensures that we understand your mission and requirements.

We also offer a very cost-effective and focussed bespoke mailings and distribution service to all UK parishes, schools and Catholic centres.

This website has been created to support the work of all those working within our Church across the UK and Ireland, and is part of The Edit Partnership Ltd. Please do contact us to discuss how we can help support you in your work and mission.